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When it comes to finding a place to live near UW Oshkosh, we know you have a lot of choices, so we thank you for choosing one of our properties to make your home.

We want to provide the best properties in Oshkosh. If something is broke or not working, please submit a work order below, so we can get it fixed.

Important Information

Emergency Contact Information

In the event of an emergency please call 911, if appropriate, then call our 24 hour maintenance emergency line at (920) 750-0434.

Electric & Natural Gas Provider

Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPS) provides electric and natural gas services in Winnebago County.

In the event of an electric or natural gas emergency, please call 911.

Water and Sewer Provider

The City of Oshkosh provides water and sewer services for the city of Oshkosh.

Trash Removal & Recycling Services

The City of Oshkosh provides all trash removal and recycling services for the city.

Useful Information

BTS Properties, LLC is not responsible for the services listed below. Not all services may be available in all area. This may not be an exhausted list. We do not promote or reccomend any one company over another. Please refer to your lease before any services are installed at your home.